Creator of Go Virtual Green (GvG) NeuroGreen© Technology

GvG is a family engagement software utility that focuses on neurological attainment, cognitive entrepreneurship, and personal achievement via gaming, multimedia, trivia, STEM and financial education. GvG is a virtual Green shield that wraps around your body's most vital asset, your brain! Go Virtual Green is a choice we make to be a better you and a better me, for a better world. Go Virtual Green NeuroGreen© Technology is a family engagement software utility that allows you to earn and learn with no formal training as soon as you log on.

This fun family friendly engagement software utilizes exciting entertainment from today's hottest Hollywood pop stars and world renowned thought leaders who encourage you creatively to achieve in asafe clean virtual space called the NeuroGreen© Cloud. This software enhances freedom and empowerment in every area of your life and givesthe potential and flexibilityto excel in one neurologicalstream of excitement; creating the ability to Go Green. Going Green is the recycling and reshaping of the human spirit while increasing positive social engagement.

Go to www.GoVirtualGreen.com to learn more...



GoVirtualGreen.org 501(c)(3) and GreenTalk© Tech Camp

22ndNextGenIT also serves not-for-profit clients and has partnered with the 501(c)(3) GoVirtualGreen.org to bring positive green education and coaching alternatives to youth worldwide.

In partnership with GoVirtualGreen.org, 22ndNextGenIT developed the GreenTalk© Tech Camp.  One of the Nation’s leading Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math “STE[A]M” camps,  GreenTalk© was developed and accredited by some of the world's top technologists and business leaders.



Go N'Syde with Mariah Carey and 40/40 Club Beverages

22ndNextGenIT, LLC has worked with GO N'SYDE marketing and beverage company, founded by former Warner Music Group EVP Kevin Liles.

22ndNextGenIT assisted GO N'SYDE with IT strategy, virtual augmented technology and virtual grass root marketing for ROC Nation & 40/40 owner Jay Z and Def Jam Recording Artist Mariah Carey's beverage products sold in over 8,000 Walgreens stores.



sound and Image Showcase & MBN6 GOSPEL

22ndNextGenIT provided IT, video, and audio production services to the MBN6 Gospel Showcase.

U.S. Federal Government & Commercial Contracts

In partnership with The Wall Group LLC, 22ndNextGenIT's executive leadership team has provided IT strategy, systems engineering, and management consulting services to multiple U.S. Federal Government agencies and Fortune 500 companies for over 19 years.