about us

22ndNextGenIT is committed to bringing our clients into the future, Now. Specializing in the next generation of Information Technology, 22ndNextGenIT provides professional technology and engineering services for a full range of commercial and government clients.

We have "cracked the code" according to one Washington, D.C. Starbucks manager. The Go Virtual Green (GvG) initiative will challenge everyone from the White House and Capitol to the little lady teaching School in the Hills of the West Indies. Access to the NeuroGreen© cloud is currently powered by AT&T's world-class global network and our custom LG NeuroGreen©smart tablets.

IT Strategy - Our strategic thought leadership positions resources within an organization's IT portfolio to gain the maximum benefit and investment return.  Working with our clients we seek first to understand their need--both long-term and immediate--then cultivate their technology roadmap, ensuring enduring success.

Customized to Fit Our Clients' Needs - 22ndNextGenIT provides services that are tailored to individual customer's needs. Our Go Virtual Green application serves the community and is the catalyst for preventing violence, bullying, illiteracy, and hate crimes online.